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Amazing!! Dr. Jen changed my life. I lost weight, have more energy and finally feel good about myself.

Barb Estabrook

This program was a great success for me. I lost 49 pounds in 60 days and blew past two weight loss goals on the plan. Dr. Jennifer Welch and the entire staff are a big reason why I was so successful. I can’t thank them enough for their support. Keith Good

Des Moines Weight Loss Dr Welch Review

This program surpassed our expectations. I managed to lose 40 pounds in 63 days. I now weigh less than I did my senior year of high school. Highly recommend the program. Richard & Susan Graves

Dr. Jennifer Welch's life has been dedicated to helping people just like you and families just like yours receive energy, focus and perspective that most would have never known possible. Dr. Welch touches the lives of 3000+ per year in live seminars, boot camps, and clinical programs. People are empowered to make the necessary moves to Eat, Move, and Think Better on their way to reclaim their best health. Dr. Welch's systems, coaching, and proven processes have made the health solution you're looking for affordable and achievable now. Dr. Welch has never had a failure when they implement all the simple moves and strategies - which work with equal impact for men and women....

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